Presentations at 21st AHWP Annual Meeting, Cebu, Philippines, 21-25 November 2016

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The 21st GHWP Annual Meeting was successfully held in Cebu, Philippines, on 21-25 November 2016. Please find the presentation materials below: 

Day-4 (24 Nov 2016) GHWPTC Meeting & Non-Member Economy Updates:

 Download file: GHWP 25Nov2016_GHWP TC Report Highlights.pdf 

 Download file: GHWP 25Nov2016_EU MDR.pdf 

 Download file: GHWP 25Nov2016_Updates from Japan.pdf 

 Download file: GHWP 25Nov2016_WG Documents Endorsement.pdf 

 Download file: GHWP 25Nov2016_WG1.pdf 

 Download file: GHWP 25Nov2016_WG2.pdf 

 Download file: GHWP 25Nov2016_WG3.pdf 

 Download file: GHWP 25Nov2016_WG4.pdf 

 Download file: GHWP 25Nov2016_WG5(1).pdf 

 Download file: GHWP 25Nov2016_WG5(2).pdf 

 Download file: GHWP 25Nov2016_WG6.pdf 

 Download file: GHWP 25Nov2016_WG7.pdf 

 Download file: GHWP 25Nov2016_WG8.pdf 

 Download file: GHWP 25Nov2016_STG(U&N)&Nomenclature.pdf 

 Download file: Highlight of GHWP Playbook Training.pdf 

 Download file: Speech by TC Advisors Representative.pdf 

Day-5 (25 Nov 2016) GHWP Main Meeting:

 Download file: GHWP 25Nov2016_Updates by GHWP.pdf 

 Download file: GHWP 25Nov2016_Updates by GHWP TC.pdf 

 Download file: GHWP 25Nov2016_Celebrating Session 1.pdf 

 Download file: GHWP 25Nov2016_Celebrating Session 2.pdf 

 Download file: GHWP 25Nov2016_Updates by IMDRF.pdf 

 Download file: GHWP 25Nov2016_Updates by APEC.pdf 

 Download file: GHWP 25Nov2016_Updates by ASEAN.pdf 

 Download file: GHWP 25Nov2016_Updates by WHO.pdf 

 Download file: GHWP 25Nov2016_Updates by APACMed.pdf 

 Download file: GHWP 25Nov2016_Updates by ISO.pdf 

 Download file: GHWP 25Nov2016_Updates by IEC.pdf 

 Download file: GHWP 25Nov2016_Updates by DITTA.pdf 

 Download file: GHWP 25Nov2016_Regulatory Updates from Chile.pdf 

 Download file: GHWP 25Nov2016_Regulatory Updates from China.pdf 

 Download file: GHWP 25Nov2016_Regulatory Updates from India.pdf 

 Download file: GHWP 25Nov2016_Regulatory Updates from Kazakhstan.pdf 

 Download file: GHWP 25Nov2016_Regulatory Updates from Laos PDR.pdf 

 Download file: GHWP 25Nov2016_Regulatory Updates from Philippines.pdf 

 Download file: GHWP 25Nov2016_Secretariat Updates 1.pdf 

 Download file: GHWP 25Nov2016_Secretariat Updates 2.pdf 

 Download file: GHWP 25Nov2016_Secretariat Updates 3.pdf 

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