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The 27th GHWP Annual Meeting and TC Meeting was grandly kicked off a 4-day meeting on November 27, 2023 in Shanghai. During the GHWP Capacity Building open meeting from November 27th to 28th, GHWP has held 4 side meetings for international cooperation, including the bilateral meeting between GHWP and Ministry of Health, Indonesia, the multilateral meeting between GHWP and representatives from international organizations and liaison members such as APACMed, DITTA and GMTA, the bilateral meeting between China National Medical Products Administration (NMPA) and Ministry of Food and Drug Safety (MFDS) of Republic of Korea as well as both industry representatives, and the multilateral meeting between GHWP and international medical device industry representatives.



GHWP always adheres to the principles of equality, openness, robustness, and win-win. GHWP member countries and regions have enhanced their friendly collaboration and expressed their intentions to sign bilateral strategic agreements. As an important platform, GHWP has facilitated to develop closer bilateral or multilateral exchange and cooperation between regulatory authorities and industry representatives.

The lasting vitality and extensive influence of GHWP consist in the direct dialogue and joint participation of regulatory authorities and industry representatives, rely on the unity and cooperation to promote best practices among regulators of GHWP member countries and regions, and is originated from the active exchange and regular sharing between GHWP members and relevant international organizations. GHWP leadership always works hard with the leadership of other international organizations that are embracing the same goal to seek opportunities for cooperation, and plays an active role as an international platform by striving to foster multi-tier and multi-sector exchange and cooperation among GHWP member countries and regions.