Submitted by admin on Wed, 11/18/2009 - 16:40

Please be informed that we would like to submit the following items for incorporating into the agendas of the 14th GHWP Meeting and 9th GHWPTC Meeting: 
1. To discuss and resolve Adopting the Proposed GHWP and GHWPTC Terms of Reference 
(Reference Document: GHWP/STG(LE)/001 dated 28 October 2009) 
2. To discuss and resolve Setting Up a Legal Entity in Hong Kong for Administering GHWP Activities 
(Reference Document: GHWP/STG(LE)/002 dated 20 October 2009) 
3. To discuss and resolve Adopting the Proposed Requirements of Medical Device Nomenclature System for the GHWP in the Selection of Service Provider 
(Reference Document: GHWP/TC/LEADERSHIP/001 dated 9 October 2009) 

The Reference Documents are also attached herewith. 

Please email your comments and feedback to Mr Mark LAU at by 
3 November 2009.