NEWS!!!......Confirmation of AHWP & AHWPTC Representatives


Dear AHWP Representatives

Confirmation of AHWP & AHWPTC Representatives

The AHWP Secretariat has experienced difficulties in communicating with some of the AHWP and AHWPTC Representatives because of the changes in nominations and email addresses. We intend to confirm/update all the names and email addresses of the current AHWP and AHWPTC Representatives as well as to collect nominations for the Secondary AHWP Representative in accordance with the new Terms of Reference resolved in the 14th AHWP Meeting.

Please refer to Annex 1 for the existing information in our record. Primary AHWP Representatives may nominate the Secondary AHWP Representative and/or make any necessary amendments in the appropriate space below. Please return this pro-forma to the AHWP Secretariat ( and copy to the AHWP Deputy Secretary-General (Mr Mark Lau at: before 5 March 2010 so that the changes could be duly updated with the names posted on the website.

 Download file:AHWP__AHWPTC_Representatives_20100218.doc