For endorsement at the 24th AHWP Meeting in Muscat - PROPOSED FINAL documents


After consolidating the comments received from AHWP members by 7th November 2019, the PROPOSED documents developed by AHWP WGs, AHWP Secretariat, AHWP with APACMed and Deloitte have become PROPOSED FINAL documents as attached below, for endorsement at 24th AHWP Meeting in Muscat, Oman.

 Download file:AHWPWG1-WG2-WG3PF0022019_Principles_of_Regulatory_Requirements_for_EIFU.pdf 
 Download file:AHWP-WG2WG1WG3-PF001-2019 - Changes categorisation_20190929b.pdf 
 Download file:AHWP-WG9-PF001-2019_UDI.pdf 
 Download file:AHWP-SECRETARIAT-PF001-2019_ Amendment 7 to Terms of Reference.pdf 
 Download file:AHWP-SECRETARIAT-PF002-2019_Amendment 6 to House Rules.pdf 
 Download file:AHWP-APACMed-Deloitte-PF001-2019_Competency Framework for Medical Technology Regulators.pdf 



 Thank you for your notice.