Presentations at 22nd AHWP Annual Meeting, Delhi, India, 4-8 December 2017


The 22nd AHWP Annual Meeting was successfully held in New Delhi, India, on 4-8 December 2017. Please find the presentation materials below: 


Day-1 (4 Dec 2017):

 Download file: AHWP 4Dec2017_Regulatory Updates from India.pdf  
 Download file: AHWP 4Dec2017_Medical Devices & IVD's An Australian Updates.pdf  
 Download file: AHWP 4Dec2017_Overview of IVD Regulations in Korea.pdf
 Download file: AHWP 4Dec2017_An overview of regulations of medical devices and IVDs in South Korea.pdf 
 Download file: AHWP 4Dec2017_Regulatory Updates from Japan.pdf  
 Download file: AHWP 4Dec2017_Regulatory Updates from Singapore.pdf   
 Download file: AHWP 4Dec2017_Medical Device Single Audit Program (MDSAP) .pdf    
 Download file: AHWP_4Dec2017_Adapting your ISO 13485 to the new Requirements .pdf     
 Download file: AHWP_4Dec2017_Role of Technical Standards and updates on international technical standards.pdf      
 Download file: AHWP_4Dec2017_Clinical Trial Environment-Australia.pdf      
 Download file: AHWP_4Dec2017_Accessibility, Affordability of Medical Devices and Safeguards of Consumer Rights.pdf       
 Download file: AHWP_4Dec2017_Access to Medical Devices for Universal Health Coverage and achievement of SDGs.pdf     
 Download file: AHWP_4Dec2017_Accessibility Affordability of Medical Devices _South East Asia Regional perspective.pdf 

Day-2 (5 Dec 2017):

 Download file: AHWP 5Dec2017_Clinical Investigations and Real World Evidence.pdf   
 Download file: AHWP 5Dec2017_Preparatory steps to Medical Device Controls_ASEAN experience centring on AMDD elements.pdf   
 Download file: AHWP 5Dec2017_Takes 2 to Tango CSDTEP and Standards.pdf    
 Download file: AHWP 5Dec2017_AHWP Update_The Road to Harmonization.pdf    
 Download file: AHWP 5Dec2017_Classification Rules for Medical Devices.pdf    
 Download file: AHWP 5Dec2017_Objectives and Limitations_ In-Country Testing- Industry Perspective.pdf    
 Download file: AHWP 5Dec2017_Objectives and limitations_ In-country Lab Testing.pdf     
 Download file: AHWP 5Dec2017_CAB Role and Grouping _A balance between Regulatory Controls and Processes with the Economics of MD Industry.pdf     
 Download file: AHWP 5Dec2017_Overview of Medical Device Clinical Investigation Regulations in Korea.pdf     
 Download file: AHWP 5Dec2017_Clinical Investigation and evaluation for Medical Devices_ Regulator perspective.pdf 
 Download file: AHWP 5Dec2017_GS1 Update and UDI Databases.pdf 


Day-3 (6 Dec 2017):

 Download file: AHWP 6Dec2017_Challenges and issues to regulate an innovative Medical devices_ barriers and enablers to development.pdf   

 Download file: AHWP 6Dec2017_Changing global regulatory environment- opportunity and threat in industry_focused on premarket.pdf   

 Download file: AHWP 6Dec2017_Medical Device Clinical Trial Landscape in APAC.pdf   

 Download file: AHWP 6Dec2017_Post market Surveillance of Medical Device .pdf   

 Download file: AHWP 6Dec2017_Pre market approval - Essential Principles for safety quality and performance .pdf   

 Download file: AHWP 6Dec2017_Use of Real World Evidence in Clinical and Regulatory Decision from Industry Experience.pdf   

 Download file: AHWP 6Dec2017_Post Market Considerations for Digital Healthcare.pdf   

 Download file: AHWP 6Dec2017_Unifying Efforts against Counterfeiting Medical Devices.pdf   

 Download file: AHWP 6Dec2017_Advertisement & Labelling.pdf   

 Download file: AHWP 6Dec2017_Benefits & Risks of Remote Monitoring_ Regulatory Considerations across Jurisdictions.pdf   

 Download file: AHWP 6Dec2017_Considerations in Quality Management of 3D printed Medical Devices.pdf   

 Download file:AHWP 6Dec2017_The Future of Global Evidence Generation_ Advancing the Role of Big Data in Innovation.pdf   

Day-4 (7 Dec 2017):

 Download file: AHWP 07Dec2017_STG.pdf   

 Download file: AHWP 07Dec2017_WG1.pdf   

 Download file: AHWP 07Dec2017_WG2.pdf   

 Download file: AHWP 07Dec2017_WG3.pdf   

 Download file: AHWP 07Dec2017_WG4.pdf   

 Download file: AHWP 07Dec2017_WG5.pdf   

 Download file: AHWP 07Dec2017_WG6.pdf   

 Download file: AHWP 07Dec2017_WG7.pdf   

 Download file: AHWP 07Dec2017_WG8.pdf   

 Download file: Highlight of AHWP PB Training.pdf   

Day-5 (8 Dec 2017):

 Download file: AHWP 08Dec2017_Updates by AHWP.pdf   

 Download file: AHWP 08Dec2017_Updates by AHWPTC.pdf   

 Download file: AHWP 08Dec2017_Regulatory Updates from China.pdf   

 Download file: AHWP 08Dec2017_AHWP Liaison Member Updates by APACMed.pdf   

 Download file: AHWP 08Dec2017_AHWP Liaison Member Updates by DITTA.pdf   

 Download file: AHWP 08Dec2017_Endorsement of New Member Economy.pdf   

 Download file: AHWP 08Dec2017_Secretariat Updates_Secretariat Report.pdf   

 Download file:AHWP 08Dec2017_Secretariat Updates_Financial Report.pdf   

 Download file: AHWP 08Dec2017_Resolution towards Endorsement.pdf   

 Download file: AHWP 08Dec2017_Election of AHWP Leadership of 2018 - 2020.pdf