Report for the 19th AHWP Meeting at Seoul, 18-21 November 2014


The 19th Meeting of the Asian Harmonization Working Party (AHWP) was successfully held on 18-21 Nov 2014 at Vista Hall, Sheraton Grande Walkerhill, Seoul, Republic of Korea. The Meeting was chaired by Dr Saleh S. Al-Tayyar, Director General, Medical Devices Sector, Saudi Food and Drug Administration, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (AHWP Chair), and co-chaired by Ms Pei Wen-Tu (AHWP Vice-Chair), Ms Lindsay TAO (AHWP Vice-Chair), Ms Joanna KOH (AHWPTC Chair) and Eng. Ali AL DALAAN (AHWPTC Co-Chair). The event was hosted by Ministry of Food and Drug Safety (MFDS).


This is a post-meeting report.



 Download file:Annex 1 Main Meeting_21Nov_ppt1_IMDRF Updates_Hideyuki Kondo.pdf
Download file:Annex 2 Main Meeting_21Nov_ppt2_APEC regulatory updates_Lindsay TAO.pdf
Download file:Annex 5 Meeting Report of 18th AHWP Meeting Dec 5.pdf
Download file:Annex 6Main Meeting_21Nov_ppt3_Strategic Framework_Lindsay TAO.pdf
Download file:Annex 7 AHC_AHWP_18Nov_ppt3_Jeong Rim Lee.pdf
Download file:Annex 8 Main Meeting_21Nov_ppt4_Announcement for AHWP office bearers election.pdf
Download file:Annex 9 AHC_AHWP_18Nov_ppt4_Joanna Koh.pdf
Download file:Annex 10 AHC_AHWP_18Nov_ppt6_Ali Al Dalaan.pdf
Download file:Annex 11 Main Meeting_21Nov_ppt7_Report Highlights_ Joanna Koh.pdf
Download file:Annex 12 Main Meeting_21Nov_ppt8_WG documents.pdf
Download file:Annex 13 Final_AHWP_WG1_F001_2014.pdf
Download file:Annex 14 Final_AHWP_WG2_F001_2014.pdf
Download file:Annex 15 Final_AHWP_WG2_WG8_F002_2014.pdf
Download file:Annex 16 Final_AHWP_WG4_F001_2014.pdf
Download file:Annex 17 Final_AHWP_WG7_F001_2014.pdf
Download file:Annex 18 Main Meeting_21Nov_ppt9_AHWP Secretariat Report.pdf
Download file:Annex 19 Main Meeting_21Nov_ppt10_AHWP Financial Updates.pdf
Download file:Annex 20 Main Meeting_21Nov_ppt11_Resolution towards endorsement.pdf
Download file:Annex 21 Main Meeting_21Nov_ppt12_AHWP Election.pdf