Presentations at 19th AHWP Annual Meeting, Seoul, Republic of Korea, 18-21 November 2014


The 18th AHWP Technical Committee (TC) Meeting and the 19th AHWP Annual Meeting was successfully held in Seoul, Republic of Korea on 18-21 November 2014. Please find the presentation materials below:


18 November 2014 - AHC-AHWP Joint Workshop (Day 1);

  Download file:AHC_AHWP_18Nov_ppt1_Michael Gropp.pdf

  Download file:AHC_AHWP_18Nov_ppt2_Madoka Murakami.pdf

  Download file:AHC_AHWP_18Nov_ppt3_Jeong Rim Lee.pdf

  Download file:AHC_AHWP_18Nov_ppt4_Joanna Koh.pdf

  Download file:AHC_AHWP_18Nov_ppt5_Donna Bea Tillman.pdf

  Download file:AHC_AHWP_18Nov_ppt6_Ali Al Dalaan.pdf

  Download file:AHC_AHWP_18Nov_ppt7_Gretel Rueda.pdf

  Download file:AHC_AHWP_18Nov_ppt8_Kyungyoon Kang.pdf

  Download file:AHC_AHWP_18Nov_ppt9_KyoSung Lee.pdf

  Download file:AHC_AHWP_18Nov_ppt11_Hubert Bayer.pdf


Download all presentations on day-1 of the AHC-AHWP Joint Workshop in one zip file:



GS1 Lunch Workshop:

  Download file:GS1 Lunch Workshop_18Nov_UDI.pdf


19 November 2014 - AHC-AHWP Joint Workshop (Day 2):

  Download file:AHC_AHWP_19Nov_ppt1_Sherry Keramidas.pdf

  Download file:AHC_AHWP_19Nov_ppt2_Petra Kaars Wiele.pdf

  Download file:AHC_AHWP_19Nov_ppt3_Scott Sardeson.pdf

  Download file:AHC_AHWP_19Nov_ppt4_Philippe Auclair.pdf

  Download file:AHC_AHWP_19Nov_ppt5_Geraldine Lissalde Bonnet.pdff

  Download file:AHC_AHWP_19Nov_ppt6_Donna Bea Tillman.pdf

  Download file:AHC_AHWP_19Nov_ppt7_Naoki Morooka.pdf

  Download file:AHC_AHWP_19Nov_ppt8_Jeroen Gruben.pdf

  Download file:AHC_AHWP_19Nov_ppt9_Rainer Voelksen.pdf

  Download file:AHC_AHWP_19Nov_ppt10_Seungwan Sohn.pdf


Download all presentations on day-2 of the AHC-AHWP Joint Workshop in one zip file: 



20 November 2014 - 18th AHWP TC Meeting:

 Download file:TC Meeting_20Nov_ppt0_AHWPTC office bearers election announcement.pdf

 Download file:TC Meeting_20Nov_ppt1_Key Milestones of the past term of AHWPTC.pdf

 Download file:TC Meeting_20Nov_ppt2_SWOT analysis and streamlined TC structure.pdf

 Download file:TC Meeting_20Nov_ppt3_Experience working as a TC advisor_Scott Sardeson.pdf

 Download file:TC Meeting_20Nov_ppt4_Intro to the Playbook_Joanna.pdf

 Download file:TC Meeting_20Nov_ppt5_TC Playbook  Scope and content_Ming Hao.pdf

 Download file:TC Meeting_20Nov_ppt6_Updates by WG1_PreMarket Submission & CSDT.pdf

 Download file:TC Meeting_20Nov_ppt7_Updates by WG2_IVDD.pdf

 Download file:TC Meeting_20Nov_ppt8_Updates by WG4_PostMarket.pdf

 Download file:TC Meeting_20Nov_ppt9_Updates by WG5 _Clinical Performance & Safety.pdf

 Download file:TC Meeting_20Nov_ppt10_Updates by WG6_QMS_Audit & Assessment.pdf

 Download file:TC Meeting_20Nov_ppt11_Updates by WG7_QMS_Operation & Implementation.pdf

 Download file:TC Meeting_20Nov_ppt12_Updates by WG8_Standards.pdf

 Download file:TC Meeting_20Nov_ppt13_Updates by WG9_Training.pdf

 Download file:TC Meeting_20Nov_ppt14_Updates by STG_U&N.pdf


Download all presentations at the 18th AHWPTC Meeting in one zip file:

  Download file:20Nov_18th AHWPTC Meeting.rar


 21 November 2014 - 19th AHWP Main Meeting:


Download file:Main Meeting_21Nov_ppt1_IMDRF Updates_Hideyuki Kondo.pdf

Download file:Main Meeting_21Nov_ppt2_APEC regulatory updates_Lindsay TAO.pdf

Download file:Main Meeting_21Nov_ppt3_Strategic Framework_Lindsay TAO.pdf

Download file:Main Meeting_21Nov_ppt4_Announcement for AHWP office bearers election.pdf

Download file:Main Meeting_21Nov_ppt5_Country Updates.pdf

Download file:Main Meeting_21Nov_ppt6_Presentation of TC Playbook.pdf

Download file:Main Meeting_21Nov_ppt7_Report Highlights_ Joanna Koh.pdf

Download file:Main Meeting_21Nov_ppt8_WG documents.pdf

Download file:Main Meeting_21Nov_ppt9_AHWP Secretariat Report.pdf

Download file:Main Meeting_21Nov_ppt10_AHWP Financial Updates.pdf

Download file:Main Meeting_21Nov_ppt11_Resolution towards endorsement.pdf

Download file:Main Meeting_21Nov_ppt12_AHWP Election.pdf


Download all presentations at the 19th AHWP Main Meeting in one zip file:

   Download file:21Nov_19th AHWP Main Meeting.rar 


21 November 2014 - AHWP ASL 3rd Annual General Meeting:

  Download file:ASL AGM_21Nov_ppt1_AHWP ASL 3rd AGM Agenda.pdf