Announcement: Nomination for AHWPTC Office Bearers Election (Submission Deadline: 30 Sep 2014)


Dear Representatives of AHWPTC,

Nomination for AHWP Technical Committee (TC) Office Bearers Election
(Submission Deadline: 30 Sep 2014)

As according to the Terms of Reference (TOR) and House Rules of AHWP, the term of office of all AHWPTC office bearers will be around 3 years commencing from the date of appointment until next election. This year is the last year of the three-year term of the AHWPTC Chairmanship by Singapore. Therefore a general election will be taken place in the 18th AHWPTC Meeting that will be held in conjunction with the 19th AHWP Annual Meeting in Seoul, Republic of Korea during 18-21 Nov 2014, for the election of new AHWPTC leadership.

According to the TOR and House Rules, the nomination of each of the AHWPTC office bearers, i.e.
- One AHWPTC Chair
- One AHWPTC Co-chair (Regulatory Authority), and
- One AHWPTC Co-chair (Industry)
requires the support from a minimum of FIVE AHWP primary representatives of other member economies.

Eligible nominee of AHWPTC office bearers: AHWPTC representatives

Nomination for AHWPTC office bearers will require:
i) A Completely filled nomination form (Form B as attached)
ii) Email proof of support from each of the supporter in the nomination form
iii) A brief CV (maximum 2 pages in A4 size paper) of the nominee.

The submission of nomination with the above mentioned documents should reach the AHWP Secretariat at on or before 23:59pm (GMT+8) on 30 September, 2014. Any late submission will not be accepted

Please note that the AHWP Chair has the full authority to review the voting rights and validity of the nominee and the supporters as stated in this form, and to reject any application that cannot fulfill the requirements as stated in the Terms of Reference and House Rules of AHWP, and the instructions as stated in the corresponding nomination form.

For more information, please refer to the AHWP website at Should there be any queries, feel free to contact the AHWP Secretariat at


Updated on 3 September 2014


Download file:Nomination_B__AHWPTC_OB_2014r_f.pdf