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Presentations at 18th AHWP Annual Meeting, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 4-5 December 2013


The 18th AHWP Meeting was successfully held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on 4-5 December 2013.
Please find the presentation materials below:

4 December 2013 - AHWP TC Meeting:

Download file:TCmeeting_4Dec_ppt0_17th AHWPTC Meeting agenda.pdf

 Download file:TCmeeting_4Dec_ppt1_TC advisor namelist_2013Dec.pdf

Download file:TCmeeting_4Dec_ppt2_Scott Sardeson_AHWPTC Advisory key talking points.pdf

Download file:TCmeeting_4Dec_ppt3_Joanna Koh_TCmeeting.pdf

Download file:TCmeeting_4Dec_ppt4_WG1 updates.pdf

Download file:TCmeeting_4Dec_ppt5_WG1a updates

Download file:TCmeeting_4Dec_ppt6_WG2 updates.pdf

Download file:TCmeeting_4Dec_ppt7_WG3 updates.pdf

Download file:TCmeeting_4Dec_ppt8_WG4 updates.pdf

Download file:TCmeeting_4Dec_ppt9_WG5 updates_Comparative Study Result on Regulations and Local.pdf

Download file:TCmeeting_4Dec_ppt10_WG5 updates_Clinical SafetyPerformance.pdf

Download file:TCmeeting_4Dec_ppt11_WG6 updates.pdf

Download file:TCmeeting_4Dec_ppt12_STG(N) updates.pdf

Download file:TCmeeting_4Dec_ppt13_Secretariat Updates+WG7 Chair & Co-Chair Election.pdf

Download all presentations in zip files:

Download file:4Dec_AHWP TC Meeting-1.zip

Download file:4Dec_AHWP TC Meeting-2.zip

Download file:4Dec_AHWP TC Meeting-3.zip


5 December 2013 - AHWP Main Meeting:

Download file:Main Meeting_5Dec_ppt1_Lindsay Tao_AHWP Strategic Framework Towards 2020.pdf

Download file:Main Meeting_5Dec_ppt2_Quan Tran_Summary-AHWP-RAPS Joint Conference.pdf

Download file:Main Meeting_5Dec_ppt3_Joanna Koh_Report-AHWP TC.pdf

Download file:Main Meeting_5Dec_ppt4_Malaysia updates.pdf

Download file:Main Meeting_5Dec_ppt5_Republic of Korea updates.pdf

Download file:Main Meeting_5Dec_ppt6_Kingdom of Saudi Arabia updates.pdf

Download file:Main Meeting_5Dec_ppt7_Chinese Taipei updates.pdf

Download file:Main Meeting_5Dec_ppt8_AHWP_HKPC_Secretariat Support.pdf

Download file:Main Meeting_5Dec_ppt9_AHWP Financial Updates.pdf

Download file:AHWP_ASLAGM_2013.pdf

Download file:Main Meeting_5Dec_ref_Liu Li-Ling_report on 17th Meeting.pdf

Download all presentations in one zip file:

Download file:5Dec_AHWP Main Meeting.zip