Minutes of AHWP Secretariat Meeting, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 6-7 May 2013


This AHWP Secretariat Meeting was held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 6-7 May 2013 at Room Bahamas Recess, Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa.
Below please find the meeting minutes and related meeting documents.

Download file:AHWP KL Secretariat Meeting Minutes_6 May_v3r.pdf

Download file:ANNEX_1 - AHWP Secretariat Meeting Agenda_201305_Malaysia_v6.pdf

Download file:ANNEX_2a - AHWP Strategic Framework draft V2 + input 02262013.doc

Download file:ANNEX_2b - AHWP Strategic Framework - May 2013.pdf

Download file:ANNEX_3 - New AHWP Membership Type.pdf

Download file:ANNEX_4 - 3rd AHWPTC Meeting Summary_4_r.pdf

Download file:ANNEX_5a - WG1 - Feb 2013 AHWP TC Leaders WG01 by 26Feb2013.pdf

Download file:ANNEX_5b - WG1A-A~1 by 26Feb2013.PDF

Download file:ANNEX_5c - WG2 - AHWG TC WG Quarterly Tracking Sheet (WG2) by 26Feb2013.pdf

Download file:ANNEX_5d - WG3 update Bangkok Feb 26th -27th 2013.pdf

Download file:ANNEX_5e - WG4 - Plan 2012 - 2014 BKK update by 26Feb2013.pdf

Download file ANNEX_5f - WG5 - BGK  by 26Feb2013.pdf

Download file: ANNEX_6a - ASL Profit and loss accounts (rev2) by Mar 2013.pdff

Download file:ANNEX_6b - ASL Financial Updates and Arrangements.pdf

Download file:ANNEX_7 - AHWP ASL members_v2.pdf

Download file:ANNEX_8 - AHWP ASL 2nd AGM.pdf

Download file:ANNEX_9 - Election of New ASL BOD_r.pdff

Download file:ANNEX_10 - Obligation of AHWP Annual Meeting Host.pdf

Download file:ANNEX_11 - Summary of Proposed Updates in AHWP TOR, HR and ASL MnA.pdf

Download file:ANNEX_12 - HKPC_Secretariat Support_r.pdf

Download file:ANNEX_13a - AHWP RAPS Joint Conference.pdf

Download file:ANNEX_13b - AHWP RAPS Content Committe Minutes 04262013 DRAFT.pdf