Proposing/Nominating Recipients of AHWP Certificate of Appreciation (Deadline by 21 Oct 2011)


Dear All Members of AHWP,

The AHWP Chair is now preparing the "AHWP Certificate of Appreciation" to people who contribute to the AHWP.
Apart from the Office Bearers, Members of the Secretariat Team and the Representatives of the Member Economies in the term of 2008-2011, the AHWP Secretariat is now seeking proposals/nominations from members for other recipients of this Certificate.

Please kindly submit your proposal/nomination by email with information including: a) Name of recipient,  b) Job title, c) Organization, d) Member economy, e) Brief note on the role/contribution of the proposed candidate in AHWP, to the AHWP Secretariat at "" on or before 21 Oct 2011.
Thank you.

Best Regards,
AHWP Secretariat