News: Regarding AHWP and GHTF



Our AHWPTC Chair, Ms Joanna KOH attended the GHTF SC Meeting in Brisbane in May 2011 and is pleased to relay to our AHWP Members a message from GHTF. During the meeting, GHTF SC Chair Dr Larry Kelly conveyed his message to assure AHWP and members that the important link , mutual good relationship that has been developed between GHTF and AHWP will be maintained and grow. This is especially so when the new restructure of GHTF is in place. The new committee will consist of regulators with support from Industry. This new phase is set up to speed up harmonisation steps among the Founding Members. Dr Kelly emphasized that there will be no change in the objectives and close cooperation with AHWP at all levels. This includes the good working relationship between the GHTF Study Groups and the AHWP working Groups.

Relevant statement from GHTF can also be found at:-