NEWS!!!......CALL FOR COMMENTS on Proposed Resolutions


Please be informed that we would like to submit the following items for incorporating into the agendas of the 14th AHWP Meeting and 9th AHWPTC Meeting:
1. To discuss and resolve Adopting the Proposed AHWP and AHWPTC Terms of Reference
(Reference Document: AHWP/STG(LE)/001 dated 28 October 2009)
2. To discuss and resolve Setting Up a Legal Entity in Hong Kong for Administering AHWP Activities
(Reference Document: AHWP/STG(LE)/002 dated 20 October 2009)
3. To discuss and resolve Adopting the Proposed Requirements of Medical Device Nomenclature System for the AHWP in the Selection of Service Provider
(Reference Document: AHWP/TC/LEADERSHIP/001 dated 9 October 2009)
The Reference Documents are also attached herewith.
Please email your comments and feedback to Mr Mark LAU at by
3 November 2009.

 Download file:AHWP_LEADERSHIP_001_Nomenclature_Requirement.doc
Download file:AHWP_STGLE001_Terms_of_Reference.doc
Download file:AHWP_STGLE002_AHWP_Adm_Services_Ltd.doc