Beware of NAMA's slippery slope to de-industrialisation...


For countries that wish to develop its medical devices manufacturing sector, this analysis offers some challenging perspectives.

WTO's Director-General Mr. Pascal Lamy warned that the price of "failure" to conclude modalities for agriculture and NAMA would be high.
In an analysis article, former senior UNCTAD economist Mehdi Shafaeddin agrees the "price of the failure would be high", but his concept of "failure" is different from that of Lamy.

"What concerns me is the risk of the "failure" by developing countries to fully appreciate that accepting the proposals made by developed countries on NAMA will put the majority of them on the slippery-slope road to de-industrialization.

"In fact, their industrial development will be blocked, and they will be locked into production of primary commodities and simple resource-based and labour intensive products. Then the price of the failure will be extremely high for generations to come."


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