GUIDANCE for Member Economy hosting the Annual Meetings of AHWP or its Technical Committees


1. The host organization of the Member Economy will normally be the national authority for the regulation of medical devices.

2. The host organization of the Member Economy will work together with its local industry association to promote the event locally. The host organization will be asked to provide a
Guest-of-Honour to grace and officiate the opening of the event.

3. AHWP, through the AHWP Secretariat, will form an AHWP Organizing Committee to steer the event and plan the event's overall agenda and programmes including sourcing for speakers and/or trainers. The AHWP Organizing Committee comprises committee members nominated by the AHWP Secretariat, the host organization and its local industry association and other Member Economies. The AHWP Organizing Committee will convene regularly principally through teleconference calls.

4. The Meetings of AHWP and/or its Technical Committee and the various programmes for the event will be entirely self-funded by the hosting member economy.  AHWP will provide a seed fund to the hosting economy for managing cashflow, on a request basis. AHWP Administration Services Limited (ASL), through the AHWP Secretariat, will review the seed fund request, meeting budget, meeting registration and sponsorship income estimation and ASL financial status by the moment the request is received, and decide the seed fund amount. Each delegate shall pay his share of the cost for attending the event.  Cost of any pre- and post-event local tours arranged outside the event’s programme shall be borne by individual delegate.

5. Member Economy's host organization and the local industry association will undertake to manage the following services and support:

This GUIDANCE document was revised and endorsed at the 18th AHWP Annual Meeting. Download the full GUIDANCE document below...


 Download file:GUIDANCE_for_Member_Economy_hosting_the_Annual_Meetings_of_AHWP_or_AHWPTC.pdf