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The first GHWP (Guangzhou) Academy Training will be held from May 27 to May 31, 2024 which check in on May 26 and check out on June 1, at South China University of Technology in Guangzhou, the People’s Republic of China.

To accelerate the convergence, harmonization, and reliance of global medical device regulation, and further enhance the regulatory capabilities of member countries/regions, the Global Harmonization Working Party (GHWP) has decided to set up global academy to host onsite training. After application and assessment, GHWP (Guangzhou) Academy was approved to be set up in South China University of Technology (SCUT) as the first GHWP academy in the world on November 20, 2023.

GHWP (Guangzhou) Academy aims to improve regulatory capacity and promote industrial innovation and development, and invites medical device regulatory authorities of GHWP member countries/regions and well-known experts from the global medical device industry and global public health to carry out systematic and multidimensional on-site training, helping GHWP to accelerate the convergence, harmonization, and reliance of global medical device regulation and to enable public safety and timely access to safe and effective medical devices.

The theme of this training is "Collaborative Empowerment—Innovative Medical Devices Embrace the World". By carrying out capacity building training, more innovative medical device products can benefit the public health. Based on the training needs collected previously, a total of five topics are designed, including Topic 1: GHWP promotes the convergence, harmonization, and reliance in global medical device regulation; Topic 2: Prospects for innovation and development of global medical device industry; Topic 3: A series of training on the legal system of medical device registration and listing in the world; Topic 4: Onsite visit of innovative medical device enterprises in Guangdong, China; Topic 5: Case sharing and exchange of empower the world with innovative medical devices, a total of 40 hours of training courses. Among them, Topic 3 plans to invite medical device regulatory authorities of China, Japan, South Korea, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, European Union, Malaysia and other countries or regions to arrange representatives to give speech on domestic medical device registration.

Representatives from regulators and industry can register for training. Details of training agenda and day program to be announced soon. Thank you for your kind notice.

Host Organization: GHWP (Guangzhou) Academy

Co-organizer: Guangdong Institute of Advanced Biomaterials and Medical Devices

Contacts: Kuang Yudi, +86-15914304265,

Huang Xuelian, +86-18200251272,