Golden Chance : Last Vacant to Join as AHWP Website Sponsor

Submitted by admin on Wed, 07/25/2012 - 10:38

The official website of AHWP has been operating through the support of company sponsorship. It is now a golden opportunity for all medical device companies to grasp the last chance to join as a AHWP website sponsor.

AHWP website has been the major e-channel and information exchange platform among all member economies, for the promotion of harmonization of medical device regulations in the Asia and other regions. The medical device regulatory authorities and the medical device industry rely on the AHWP website for technical information exchange and obtaining the most updated news on regulatory related activities. Therefore, the AHWP website has been a hub with high frequency of access by all medical device regulatory related parties. This is a golden opportunity to join as the AHWP website sponsor,  which serves as a marketing channel for medical device company to promote their brand among our member economies.

Only one vacant is left, and the application will be on first-come-first serve basis. Please grasp this opportunity to join, by filling in and returning the attached application form to the AHWP Secretariat at